Writing Classes

In my creative writing class, your child will learn
- The basics of writing short stories and essays
- Plot outlines
- Grammar
- Punctuation
- Paragraph formation
- And much more!


In my SAT/ACT essay preparation class, your child will learn
- How to write timed essays
- General grammar, punctuation, paragraph formation, etc.
- Critical thinking skills
- And much more!


In each class, I will work with your child individually, based on his/her abilities and experience.
Depending on what you request, I will either assign new material for your child or help with writing projects that you have given.
All of my classes will be conducted through email, so your son or daughter can do the assignments from home.


Price: $25/month (one student)
$45/month (two students)
$65/month (three students)
$80/month (four students)


Please email me for more information.