Santa, Get Well
by: Taylor H.

“What do mean Santa called in sick?” Ariel was very upset. Her parents handed her the letter that had just come in the mail. She looked at it very carefully, although she could not read yet .


Apparently Santa had very bad cold and did not think he would be able to deliver presents this year .


Ariel was especially excited about Christmas this year, she was finally old enough to sleep in the living room by the fireplace on Christmas Eve and wait for Santa. She took a deep breath and realized that there was still a week until Christmas .


Then she started thinking about what she could do help Santa get better, for Ariel truly cared but about Santa’s welfare .


The next day she decided to send Santa some chicken soup, but then soon realized that it would be frozen by the time it got to the North Pole. She kept thinking until she decided that she would send Mrs. Claus the recipe for chicken soup .


But after she put the recipe in an envelope, addressed it to Mrs. Claus and put it in the mail box, Ariel was still not content and wanted to do more for Santa .


After worrying about Santa another night, the following morning she went out into the yard and picked every Dandelion she could find; and put them in a box and, sent Santa some flowers.


She felt better now but continued to pray for Santa every night, for she truly wanted him to feel better .


Christmas Eve came, Ariel was a little sad, and hoped that Santa was feeling better. She still slept by the fire and the Christmas tree .


A get-well-soon card for Santa lay on the mantle where the milk and cookies usually would sit. She had also sent Mrs. Claus a letter asking her if she could send an elf to get the card and give it to Santa .


Ariel stayed awake as long as could but eventually fell asleep. About midnight she woke up, and could only open her eyes enough to see that there was somebody in front of the fireplace with a stocking in his hand .


She said with her eyes closed, “Hello.” This person replied, “Hello .”


“Is Santa feeling any better?” Ariel said.


“Yes he is. And the soup was very good. Thank you. Now go back to sleep, and Merry Christmas.”


“Merry Christmas to you, too…Santa ?”



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